ລາວໂກເບີນ ເອນຈິເນຍລິງ ແອນ ດີວີລົບເມັ້ນ ຄອນຊາວຕັນ ຈຳກັດຜູ້ດຽວ (ລກບ)

Lao Grobal Engineering and Development Consultants Sole Co.,Ltd (LGE)

LGE grows with the supports of our network and the communities; therefore, it is our obligation to give back to the society whenever we can.

Corporate Social Responsibility to us is not a one time off activity but rather a long-term commitment to do good for the communities. LGE has contributed to the Lao Rescue Emergency Service since 2014 where we work closely with the government to provide free emergency services for people in need.

We have also contributed to the learning centre for children who would like to learn about Buddhism at Sisavath temple over the weekend.